My Letter To My Friends With Kids

A couple weeks ago I had wrote a post dedicated to all my friends without kids, but I think it’s only right that I also speak to my friends with kids. Here is a quick rant on a few things that bother me:

Cutting The Cord

For some reason I am always asked if I cut the cord when London or Kayson was born. When I reply “no” the follow up question is usually a disapproving “why not?” Honesty, I have a weak stomach and didn’t even watch the birth happen. I spent the entire time looking at Shirell’s face and sometimes looking at a random corner in the room. I’m just happy that I was able to walk out of the labor and delivery room on my own and didn’t require a wheel chair. With baby number 2 I planned on sticking to the same game plan, but it didn’t work out so well for me. I missed Kayson being born because I was in the bathroom throwing up. I’ll probably lose more “Manly Man” points, but that’s fine with me.

The Month System

Recently while talking to a fellow dad, I asked how old was his daughter. He replied “26 Months” and that ended the conversation for me. Once your child reaches the age of 2 (or 24 months), it is no longer cool to use the month system. Just make life easier for everyone and round to the nearest number.


I love hearing tips and tricks to make this whole parenting thing easier, but please wait until I ask for advice. I’m sure you have good intentions but realize that things that work for you will not necessarily work for me.(Example: We used a pacifier with London because it made our life easier and we received a lot of “that’s a bad habit blah blah blah…” The pacifier was the only thing that helped London in the car or sleep at night.) Let us pick and choose our own battles.

Child Developmental Milestones 

You are having the usual small talk with another parent and then they say:

“aww (baby name) is so active and moves around so well. When did he/she start walking?”

(In my opinion this is a trap and let me explain why)

From my experience when someone ask this question (or anything related to a milestones) they usually have child that started walking at an early age. When I reply that London started walking at 1, they waste no time in telling me that their child started walking at 9 months.

I feel like there is an unspoken competition between parents when it comes to their children’s developmental milestones. Personally I really don’t have any interest in comparing our kids, especially if they are both currently walking. I undrestand that you are proud parent but please remember that I am a parent also. I’m already stumbling through this parenting thing, so I don’t need any added pressure. I also feel like milestones are really for your doctors to help spot issues but doesn’t really mean much in our day to day lives. Kids will only do things when they are ready and there is nothing we can do about it

Like my recent post My Letter To My Friends Without Kids, this post is just the first part of a long list that will be updated over time.

To Be Continued……

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