How To Fix A Disabled iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Have you ever let your kid use your iPhone and then realized that they tried your passcode too many times. Now your phone is disabled and you are unable to use your device. If you plan on buying your kid an iOS device, it’s safe to assume that they will forget their passcode sooner or later. Don’t worry because the DADs of DishesAndDiapers has your back! Here are the steps to fix a disabled iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

So, we have two ways to complete this task and I will provide both steps.

(The only way to resolve this issue is by wiping the device. Passcodes are to prevent someone from accessing your information and there is no way back into the device unless you know that passcode. Passcodes are it saved in a back up so you can restore from a back up after the wipe.)

What you will need
A Computer with the latest version of iTunes
Your cable
Working Home Screen Button

You will have to restore your device via iTunes if:

  • The device  is disabled and states to connect to iTunes
  • The device did not use Find My iPhone
  • The device is no longer connected to the internet

1.) Open iTunes (Make sure iTunes has the latest software installed)

2.) Hold down the power button on the device until it says “Slide To Power Off”

3.) Slide to power off the device

4.) Plug in on end of the cable into the computer, but leave the device disconnected from the cable.

5.) Place the device into recovery mode by Holding down the Home Screen Button (The circle button) and plug into the computer. Do not let go of the button until you see an iTunes logo on your device with a cable. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you will need to hold down both the power button and volume down button while plugging into the computer

6.) Follow prompts in iTunes to restore the device

If the software download will be longer than 15 mins or so, the device will time out of recovery mode and you will see a passcode required error message. This is normal, just disconnect the device from the computer and wait until the software finishes downloading (the software will continue even without the device connected). Repeat steps on 2 – 6 once the software downloads.

7.) Set up Device as new or restore from back up

What you will need 
A computer or another iOS device
Active internet connection
AppleID and password

This will only work if the device is still able to connect to the internet. If your device tells you that it is disabled, you will need to connect to iTunes.

1.) Go it and log in with Apple ID and password for the device.( on an iOS device open the FMIP app)

2.) Select find my iPhone

3.) Click on All Devices at the top of the screen

4.) Select device

5.) Select erase iPhone/iPad/iPod

You don’t have to put a phone number or message when asked. Just skip these steps and finish the erase.

6.) You can set up as new or restore from back up

Hope this helps!


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