My Letter To My Friends Without Kids

I wanted to take a minute send a quick letter to all my friends without kids. This will probably be a post that gets updated over time, but here is a starting point:

1.) Please don’t give me any sad stories of your house being a mess.

Until you have a kid, you really have no idea how hard it is to keep a house clean. London is like the dusty kid from Charlie Brown but instead she leaves a trail of crumbs. She is part hoarder and part squirrel. If you lift up the couch cushion you will find a few gold fish, maybe some cheese doodles, and also a juice cup. She randomly stashes snacks throughout the house (part squirrel) so we constantly have to clean up after her because she gets creative with her hiding places. She also needs to have ALL of her toys out when she is playing and also requires them to travel with her from room to room. We will not even go into the mess she makes in the car or the laundry she goes through in a week.

2.) My life revolves around London and Kayson’s schedule.

When you don’t have kids, you can technically get up and go as you please. I currently don’t have that luxury. My days are scheduled around nap times and also Kayson’s level of crankiness. I cannot just get up and meet you some place for a non emergency reason because if London’s or Kayson’s schedule is thrown off, it becomes a miserable day for everyone. I enjoy our friendship but not enough to get potentially stuck in traffic with kids that are tired, unhappy, whining, screaming and or crying. Your best bet, come to my house.

3.) I have no problem changing a diaper ANYWHERE.

If I do make it out with the kiddos, please expect to be my wing man as I change Kayson’s diaper (can be a dirty job so you may have to get down and dirty with me). I have no shame in my game and neither does Kayson.

4.) I would love to go out and grab a drink with you, but I have night time baby duty.

I love my adult beverages but I cannot randomly hit the streets for the night. Since Shirell wakes up early in the morning for work, I have the baby duty graveyard shift. If you give me a week’s notice, I can then try and work it out (please read number 2 again). Best bet again is to come to my house.

5.) Finding child care is not really that easy or convenient.

We have a babysitter and a good amount of family members that we can have watch the kids, but sometimes it’s too much work to find someone that’s available. I don’t really like making anyone feel like they have to change their plans for me. It’s really just easier to either stay in or bring the kids along for the ride. We already pay enough money a month in child care so we try to avoid any additional child care expenses.

I cannot say that every other parent feels the same way, but this is my own personal rant (sorry). I would love to hear what you guys think.

To Be Continued……

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